We are all different people with different body structures, even identical twins don’t have the same body features. We are individually unique because of these little differences and each of us have characteristics that we love to identify with. There are so many features that differentiate us and some of them include height, face shape, eye color etc. Since these body traits are very visible, they determine the physical reaction between two people meeting for the first time.

Nonetheless, some physical traits does not only show physical beauty, they also show how healthy and fit an individual can be. An example of such feature is the Lower Back Dimples, also known as Venus Dimples. A lot of people don’t have this body feature but those who do, could possibly have more amazing traits as well.

How Does Trait Inheritance Work?

Most of the time, back dimples are called ‘lower back dimples’ because of where they are located in the body. However, they have two other names which are Venus Dimples and Lateral Lumbar Indentations. Back dimples were named Venus Dimples after the ancient mythological Roman goddess and so many other things. Furthermore, Lateral Lumbar Indentations is a scientific name that shows that they’re on the lumbar, which represents that lower part of the back.

The Lower Back Dimples Are Also Called Venus Dimples

Although they are commonly just called what they look like, ‘lower back dimples’ actually have two other names. The first is Venus Dimples, after the ancient mythological Roman goddess of love and many more things. The second is lateral lumbar indentations, which is their scientific name because they are on the lumbar, which is the lower portion of the back.

Named After The Goddess Of Love

According to myth, Venus was the ancient counterpart to Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess. Venus was a goddess who represented love, beauty, sex, and fertility. With the rise of Christianity, the polytheistic faith of ancient Rome was abolished. However, the idea and image never died, it continues to this day. Italian renaissance painter, Sandro Botticelli made a painting of Venus which he tittled ‘The Birth Of Venus’. His art is the most popular painting of Venus till today.

Passed Down From Your Mother

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